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Soy sauce and Honey Ice cream

By December 20, 2018 , ,

This might sound like an odd combination, but it does work well together. Soy sauce and honey are often used as the basis for many a savoury dish and it got me thinking how well they would work in a sweet dish such as ice cream. The end result is almost like a salt toffee flavour with a back note of aniseed.
As you can see I've been getting the most out of the Magimix Gelato Expert, it's made trying out new flavours effortless.

30g sugar
300ml cream
300ml full fat milk

70g honey
45ml Soy sauce (my preference is Kikkoman dark)
4 egg yolks

Heat the cream and milk until just before boiling point and turn off the heat
Whisk the sugar, honey, soy sauce and egg yolks in a bowl until light and fluffy
Pour the cream and milk slowly into the egg yolk mix whisking as you do
Pour the mix back into the pan and continue to whisk slowly on a low heat until it reaches 70c, keep it at 70c for at least 5 minutes which will pasteurise the custard
Ideally I like to allow the custard base to “cure” overnight in the fridge as this helps the fat molecules develop and gives a better overall mouth feel to the ice cream finish, but you can use it the same day if so you wish

Turn your ice cream maker on for at least 5 minutes before using
Next strain the custard into a jug using a fine mesh sieve
Turn the machine on and get the paddle moving before pouring in the custard
The mixture will take roughly 35 minutes to churn

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