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Roast beet with apple, lemon pickled onions and grilled goat cheese

By September 20, 2018 , , ,

Beetroot and apple pair well together and also work well with sharp cheeses such as goat. I also like to add some pickled red onions which lift the dish. With the recent spell of hot weather and the fact so many tasty vegetables are available this time of year salad seems a good option. This will also work well with raw beetroot but I like to slow roast it on the BBQ which intensifies the flavour.

Serves 2

1 apple cored and thinly sliced (elstar, jazz or pink lady work well for this recipe)
1 medium sized roasted beetroot (or raw if you prefer) peeled and thinly sliced
150g small goats cheese log
1 small red onion peeled and thinly sliced
juice of one lemon
200g rocket leaves

50ml extra virgin olive oil
25ml cider vinegar
10ml dijon mustard

Place all dressing ingredients in a small jar, place the lid on and shake

Place the red onion and lemon juice in a bowl and mix together
Set to one side for one hour to marinate

Goats cheese
Slice the log into 1cm slices and place under a hot grill for 3-4 minutes to char on one side

Place the rocket leaves as your base and layer with the apple, beetroot and onion
Place the goats cheese on top
Drizzle over the dressing

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