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Roast bone marrow with shallot, garlic and herb jam

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You cannot get any simpler than roast bone marrow. It's often the dishes that are simplest that pack the biggest punch flavour wise. This makes a great starter or snack dish to be shared with friends and served with toasted bread. This dish is inspired by a food hero of mine, Fergus Henderson, he of St John restaurant in London fame. 

His bone marrow and parsley salad dish can be found on the menu of all the St John restaurants. It's one I used to enjoy when I dined on a regular basis at St John bread and wine in East London. His books on nose to tail eating are a celebration of the whole animal and advocate a no waste policy. Everything should be used, it is one way of respecting what you eat, rather than throwing away perfectly tasty morsels.

For those you you wanting to try this dish you will need to order the marrowbone specially from your butcher. I like to ask mine to cut the bone lengthways as it makes it easier to scoop out the bone marrow when eating.

200g bone with marrow
1g maldon sea salt

Set your BBQ for indirect heat, at 190c
I also like to add some pecan chips to the coals for added flavour
Cook for 20 minutes until the marrow is soft to the touch
Season with the salt

Oven cooking
Place in the oven at 180c fan, 190c normal for 20 minutes, the marrow should be soft to the touch
Season with the salt

Shallot jam
3 shallots sliced
2 cloves garlic thinly sliced
1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves chopped
2 teaspoons fresh parsely leaves chopped
10ml olive oil for frying
Salt and pepper to taste

On a low heat, fry the shallots and garlic in the oil until soft and the garlic is starting to brown
Take off the heat and stir through the herbs
Season to taste

I like to serve this with toasted bread. 
Simply spread the marrow on the bread and top with the jam. 

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