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Big Green Egg and Kitchen Exile

By October 04, 2017

Many of you may have gathered that I like to BBQ occasionally (aka several times a week and all year round). I've been BBQing for about 20 years now, starting off on the usual bargain BBQ that gets thrown away every year and then moving onto a Weber. I invested in my first Big Green Egg (aka Kermit, yes I named him) a few years ago. When I say invested, it is something that is not an impulse buy, the price tag alone needs thinking about, but I'm happy to say I'm making good on this investment. 

It has changed the way I cook and my approach to BBQing, I think if anything it has encouraged me to branch out and try more things, cold and hot smoking are something I'd never have considered if I didn't have an Egg. For me it's something that adds flavour, certain dishes I prefer to cook on the Egg as opposed to the oven as it gets a better result for texture as well as flavour. 

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of cooking at the Big Green Egg Flavour Fair here in the Netherlands in collaboration with Ataro spices. It was my first time cooking at the event, normally I'm not behind the grill and it did give me a unique view of what goes on behind the scenes. It also gave me a chance to get to know the people at Big Green Egg Europe headquarters too as well as some key players within the BBQ industry. 

So I'm pleased to say that going forward I'll be collaborating officially with Big Green Egg here in Europe and testing out some of their accessories. So you may see some of them featuring in up and coming BBQ recipes.

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