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Guts and Glory - review

By May 16, 2017 ,

Guts and Glory is the brainchild of chefs Guillaume de Beer, Freek van Noortwijk and their business partner Johanneke van Iwaarden. It is nestled in the heart of the tourist district in Amsterdam, but don't let that put you off. The unassuming exterior gives nothing away about what culinary delights lie inside. Surprisingly though, it's not full of (annoying) tourists but is frequented more by locals. 

Guts and Glory is the sister restaurant of BREDA (a reference to their home town), it has a more cafe feel to the interior than its slick counterpart on the Singel which I've also been to. 

They have an interesting concept in that every three months they change chapter. The menu will have a different theme, it could refer to a country or a specific meat. This isn't my first visit to the restaurant, I dined there a while back during their French chapter and when I saw they were going Japanese it certainly piqued my interest, having travelled around the country myself. The chefs were heavily influenced by a trip around Japan earlier this year and they really have taken this menu to a new level. 

We opted for the 5 course menu for lunch with accompanying sakes (well, why not!).

The meal certainly had an interesting beginning with a simple tuna sandwich. If you've travelled around Japan, you'll notice there is an obsession with Western style sandwiches, which often have unusual fillings.

The next amuse was an assortment of pickled baby aubergine, croquettes with sashimi rice and japanese omelette. This was a tasty start.

Next up was a seasonal nod to spring with white asparagus and wild garlic with a fragrant yuzu butter. Lovely play on sweet and sour favours with the hit of garlic from the flowers which finished it nicely.

The next dish was a trio of sashimi, which were all excellently seasoned. This dish was paired really well with the sake, as the sake picked up on the different elements of each morsel.

what followed next was (for me) the best dish and highlight of the menu. Beef ramen with a deep, earthy, umami filled broth with a slight chilli heat. There was a good texture from the peanuts which added to the dish. 

The next dish was a perfectly seared steak with a rich mushroom quenelle. I would say the only downside to the dish was that the mushroom, which was very tasty, was powerfully flavoured and had a tendency to dominate.

Next up was a palate cleansing miso soup which had an interesting slight sweetness to it.

The following dessert dishes were a japanese style custard with a sweet fruit puree. The main dessert of nashi pear and an almost savoury ice cream with a caramel syrup, all of which paired really well together.

The sake matching was spot on with each of the dishes, really couldn't fault them at all. 

All in all a great meal with great service. I'm currently considering if I'll go back for second helpings of Japan.

For more information got to http://www.gutsglory.nl/en/

Utrechtsestraat 6, Amsterdam

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