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Taste of Amsterdam 2016 - Review

By June 02, 2016 ,

The annual taste of Amsterdam now in its 5th incarnation. Part of the international taste festivals that happen at various times of the year cross the world.

The festival concept is simple with food trucks, pop up restaurants, cocktail bars and craft beer stalls as well as the market place where food producers ply their wares. 

This year there was no Big Green Egg competition which was a shame as I was looking forward to taking part again if it was.

Instead I took part in the beer and cocktail tasting hosted by Lowlander beers, good introduction to some interesting beers with a good back story and I liked the link with cocktails too.

There were a few demo theatres this year dotted around the Amstelpark as well as the Masterchef style mystery box challenge.

 You could sample the wares from chefs such as Justin Brown with his Verzet pop up, Julius Japers with his Butchers Heaven Gill bar as well as Alain Caron, Mark Vaessen and Peter Lute 

Of course I had to say hello to my friend Ebere Akidiri at her stall Ataro Food and spices, always nice to sample her food and I'm a big fan of the spices.

There are some new additions this year such as the secret garden (shhh, can't tell you , you'll just have to try it out for yourself) and the hidden Hendricks Gin bar and a beach area with a pool.

All in all a good atmosphere.

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