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The Chippy Amsterdam - review

By May 21, 2016

Many of us will have fond memories of our favourite chippy, that good old British institution. If you head to Amsterdam's The Chippy forget about the idea of a harshly lit shop with its ubiquitous glass cabinet with rows of precooked fish and battered sausages. 
The chippy is a new concept restaurant run by Justin Brown. When I say new concept, it's old for some of us, but for Amsterdammers, it's certainly one they would not be so familiar with. 

Chef Justin takes the concept one step further with the addition of a cocktail bar, craft beers and music. The menu is kept simple and is very much the essence of what you would see if you visit a typical chippy. I like the nods to Scotland with the deep fried mars bar and Ireland with the curry sauce. There are also pies, pickled eggs, gravy and mushy peas which will keep the chippy traditionalist happy. The menu itself is simple enough with both beer battered and grilled fish and also chip butties and scraps (small pieces of batter that break off when frying and very tasty too!). 

For those of us who may have frequented chippys a lot, the menu is not what you would expect and in a good way. Many of us will have experienced greasy fish, lukewarm chips and a wrinkly battered sausage. However here, the fish has a crispy light, batter and is cooked to perfection. The tartare sauce is freshly made as is the curry sauce. The mushy peas are not the usual stewed marrowfat peas, but sweet and creamy crushed peas, which was a nice surprise as I was never the worlds biggest fan of mushy peas. 
The pies have a buttery, flaky shortcrust pastry on the bottom and puff pastry on top with varying fillings (chicken, steak and kidney, mushroom and spinach and feta and pumpkin) all equally tasty in their own right. 
My only complaint was the gravy for the chips was a bit on the thin side (I brought an expert who has lived up north and they said it could do with being thicker).

The restaurant itself is very cosy with a mixture of tables and comfy seating. The beer and cocktail selection is very good indeed. Naturally we had to try out a few and the verdict was positive. 

The restaurant is located in the now trendy Kinkerstraat area and housed in Cafe Scrapyard. Chef Justin is known for his pop ups in Amsterdam such as Verzet and Bao Buns. The chippy is his first "static" venture. He is an award winning chef who has worked with the likes of Jamie Oliver and Robert Clayton and has penned 3 cookbooks.

The chippy is open from May 21st Kinkerstraat 24, 1053 DV, Amsterdam and is open Tuesday to Sunday 3pm to 10pm

I'll certainly be back again.


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