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Hete Kolen, Het Receptenboek - review

By April 12, 2016 , ,

This is the third book from Jeroen Hazebroek and Leonard Elenbaas. Previous publications having been Hete Kolen; grilling and cooking with a kamado and Hete Vuren; cooking with wood and briquette. 

The first book Hete Kolen is now available in English for those of you who may be interested and even if you are an experienced Kamado cook, it does offer some great hints and tips.

Both authors bring more than 30 years of cooking experience to this book. Hazebroek is an experienced BBQ chef with his own catering company; Het Kookvuur. Elenbaas is the chef of acclaimed restaurant Pure Passie in 's-Gravenzande. Both authors are keen advocates of Kamado cooking and often give workshops and training in the use thereof.

While the first two books focussed more on technique and getting the best out of your kamado or wood fire, this book focusses purely on recipes. The recipes in the previous books were there to demonstrate the basic techniques outlined in said book and were of the more traditional BBQ ilk. 
This book goes one step further and shows you what you can really cook. 

The book is well laid out with beautifully presented pictures. The first few chapters start with a revisit of the techniques outlined in the first book, which is no bad thing. It is nice to have a reminder. The recipes are broken down into sections on fish, meat, veg, bread and desserts. What I did like most is that the recipes steered clear of the typical barbecue fare such as ribs, burgers and brisket etc. and embraced forgotten cuts of meat and also offal (sweetbreads, tongue, liver). 
There are also recipes for game such as hare and rabbit and less used poultry such as guinea fowl and poussin. Even the dessert section goes a step further with a baked alaska recipe! The recipes highlight the many and various ways that you can utilise a kamado and combine grilling, baking, smoking and dutch oven techniques.

Each recipe clearly outlines what techniques and tools are required. The recipe instructions themselves are clear and the accompanying pictures by Christian Fielden give the reader a good idea of what they are trying to achieve. I also liked the fact you didn't have to constantly refer to previous recipes or other pages for a corresponding element of the recipe.

All in all this is an accomplished cookbook which caters for both the beginner and accomplished cook. 

The book published by Fontaine Uitgevers BV (ISBN 978 90 5956 666 8), is now for sale in all book shops and can also be purchased online on Amazon and Bol.com. 
The book is currently only available in Dutch but an English language version will be available at a later date.

Jeroen Hazebroek - http://www.hetkookvuur.nl/
Leonard Elenbaas - http://www.restaurantpurepassie.com/

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