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Taste of Amsterdam 2015 - Review

By June 05, 2015 , , ,

It's that time of year again where food festivals abound and I make my annual pilgrimage to the Amstelpark to check out the wares at the Taste of Amsterdam festival. I decided to go early this year on Thursday evening to get a feel for what the weekend had in store for people. I was also lucky with the weather as it was a wonderful balmy summer evening and perfect for wandering around the park.

This year is it certainly bigger and better than ever, lots more to see, eat and do. I was certainly impressed by the market area which was much bigger than last year and had lots more food suppliers proffering their wares.

There was good variety there and I loved the mix of various stalls featuring foods from around the world. My favourites were Ataro Food and Spices with their West African cuisine which is very tasty. Niven with their wonderful luxury food box and delicious liqueurs and also the Portuguese food stall with lots of traditional foods for sale and to taste.

The site is well spaced out and there's also a good mix of food trucks and stalls big and small which adds to the ambiance. You can even take a ride on a champagne Ferris wheel and sample tasty bites from Bolenius while doing so. You can also sample the food from places such as The Butcher, Julius Jasper's Bar and Grill, Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, Cafe Loetje and Blauw to name but a few.

De Foodhallen features heavily this year and I loved the space they created which was a work up of an actual market hall and featured some of the stalls that are in De Hallen itself. You had Big fish with their tasty crispy crab rolls and Meneer Temaki with their take on Asian fusion amongst others.

Of course you have the AEG master class stages and also the Demo theatre where you can catch chefs like Niven Kunz creating dishes live on stage. There are also quite a few restaurants there from last year such as &Samhoud places selling their Tomeato Burger. I also loved the touch of having random cocktail carts dotted around the event. There were a few more craft beer stalls which was nice to see given the recent upsurge in the Dutch brewing industry.

There was another reason I came early this year as I'm competing in the Big Green Egg BBQ challenge on Sunday and I wanted to actually enjoy the event rather than turning up to compete.

All in all it is better than last year with lots to see, do and eat. My particular favourite was the fried chicken truck (no surprise there) with his awesome spicy chutney. I also liked the fact there were more places to buy food tokens as well as many people wandering round where you could buy on the spot.

So if you haven't been there already, I suggest you get yourself to Amsterdam for a great weekend of tasty food and drink.

Tickets are still available online http://www.tasteofamsterdam.com/  or you can buy in the door. For those of you coming on Sunday you can catch me in the BBQ competition in the evening!

**Update 7th June 2015

I came I saw, I lost my some of my eyebrows, eyelashes and some hair (despite burping the egg, those of you who own one will understand). 

All being said I managed to win the BBQ competition. Am still in shock, it was a really fun event and there was some pretty tough competition from the other competitors most of whom were pro BBQ guys who take part in these competitions on a regular basis. I was a tad daunted at first as people turned up with their own knives and I had to contend with the blunt crap ones provided for the event. I made do and am still buzzing from the win. It was a really good atmosphere, no one hogged ingredients, everyone respected one another's space. 

It was also daunting to be judged by Julius Jaspers and Gertjan Kiers as well as Jeroen from Big Green Egg Netherlands. I was also the only solo female BBQing, so it was a big thing to win for me.

Really chuffed!

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