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Review Café Loetje, Amsterdam

By January 15, 2015 , ,

Simple food done well, who needs an overcomplicated menu?

On my visit to Café Loetje  I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this lovely restaurant, well they certainly behaved like the owner and they weren't giving up their seat in a hurry! Said owners name is Jaapje, he gave his seat up begrudgingly by the nice warm radiator before taking a vantage point on the hat rack in the cafe where he could view his clientèle before going to sleep. He could later be found propping up the bar as we left, probably waiting for his saucer of milk.

This cafe certainly has a cosy feel about it when you walk in, and it certainly was busy when we visited it on a Wednesday night. Loetje is 30 years old and has spawned several other sister cafés dotted around Amsterdam, it started life as a cosy saloon bar with a small menu but soon became renowned for its steak and fries. I can certainly see what they are talking about.

I liked the fact that they have kept the original décor, it adds to the cosy feel when you enter. You put your name down for a table and wait while enjoying a beer and wine and watch the hustle and bustle around you, it is a great place to people watch. While waiting we enjoyed some bitterballen they were excellent indeed served with a piccalilli style mustard. There's a good selection of beers such as Texel, Brand Imperator, La Chouffe as well as the usual suspects such as Heineken.

So when we sat down to eat, the service was quick and friendly which was good as we were all pretty hungry. So what do you eat at a place known for its steak, well steak of course. I had to be different and tried the burger. The steak came with a simple pan sauce which was thick and salty and nothing else! The Burger was a good texture, medium rare as asked for and came with a burger sauce.

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