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Culy food festival - Review

By April 06, 2015 , , ,

Yesterday I took myself to sugar city. Sadly it's not some city made of sugar, but an old warehouse which now houses festivals and exhibitions. Many of you taking a trip into Amsterdam will have passed it on the train.

My reason for heading there was for the annual Culy Food Festival. It certainly was an interesting venue. I loved the higgledy piggledy way the stalls were dotted around the venue. Thankfully it wasn't too crowded when I got there on the second day, so I could wander and enjoy the ambiance and food.  Often when I go to these festivals here in the Netherlands, I have to remind myself that they will be a lot smaller than the festivals that I used to go to in the UK. Yesterday's festival reminded me of going to Borough Market in London, it had more of an indoor market feel rather than festival which was a nice vibe.

My highlights included vlammkuchen from Grizzi.

Sampling the Cereal Killers cafe cocktail special. These guys have only just gained popularity in the UK. They're based in Brick Lane (you may have heard me mention Brick lane before) in London and have gained a big following in a short space of time. Should be interesting to see if they set up shop over here at some point.

Chilli dogs from Brandt and Levie, artisan sausage makers. Really liked this and loved the sprinkle of coriander which added a nice touch.

Labneh from Nadia and Merijn, fresh and tasty.

Tomeato from &Samhoud places, I love this burger and love the fact that the trick is there's no meat in it.

The only downside for me was that the workshops were all full before the festival even started. I was a tad slow in getting my name down for then, I only have myself to blame. It was good that they limited the numbers though, it is pretty awful when you go to workshops and its heaving and you don't get to enjoy it properly.

Still it was a fun day and I look forward to next years festival.

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  1. How interesting...Love all the kinds of foods you've go to taste...happy to see that Labaneh was part of this :)