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Salad days

By December 21, 2014 , , , ,

Now I may have convinced all of you that I'm a consummate carnivore existing on nothing but bacon and steak, but I do have the occasional meat free day.

This isn't a conscious choice, sometimes I fancy something that happens to comprise mostly of veg, sometimes there might also be cheese involved. One thing I don't succumb to is meat free Mondays and that kind of nonsense, it might be a meat free Wednesday afternoon or omelette Friday morning in my house. I'm not anti vegetarian and don't have any particular gripes against aforementioned persons but I do have a problem with the types that ram their vegetarianism down your throat (pardon the pun!).

 Just because I eat meat does not mean I don't care about where my food comes from and how the animals are treated. If anything I care a lot more, there's nothing worse than knowing that animals are reared intensively and treated badly.

Rant over!

So winter is not the time of year that the word salad would come to ones mind, but there are some wonderful winter vegetables that work wonders at this time of year. So here is one of my favourites at this time of year that I like to make with my own pickled beetroot.

Pickled beet with grilled goats cheese and rocket

100g pickled beet
100g goats cheese (chevre log preferably)
200g rocket

20ml Rapeseed oil
15 ml cider vinegar
1 tsp dijon
Salt and pepper
Pinch of sugar

Place the dressing ingredients into a small jar, close the lid and shake until all ingredients are combined and place to one side while getting the salad ready.
Grill the cheese until it starts to bubble.
Place the rocket into a bowl and drizzle over some of the dressing.
To plate up, place the rocket on the bottom and then top up with the cheese and beetroot.

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